Switzerland offers some of the most amazing scenery in the world, as few landscapes are so diverse and untouched by nature. With the endless pastures, the quaint little towns and houses, and the views of the magnificent Swiss Alps there is nothing not to love about the beautiful country of Switzerland. And Interlaken Switzerland is the perfect little town to begin your journey of this wonderful little country. Looking over the town of Interlaken Switzerland are three of the most spectacular mountains in all of the Swiss Alps, a beautiful setting for any vacation, be it with your family or a romantic holiday. The Mönch, the Jungfrau, and the Eiger mountain tops draw thousands of visitors to the small town every year. Of course, mountains are not the only thing that Interlaken has to offer. In fact, the town is a great place to participate in a wide variety of adventure sports and outdoor excursions. And many of the visitors to the town come here for these reasons as well. In addition to being a great place to go if you love nature and being outdoors, Interlaken is also the perfect place to go to for some gourmet food, particularly that containing cheese or chocolate. Switzerland is known for making great cheeses and delicious chocolate, and you can find both items in numerous menu items served at the many great restaurants that are near all of the Interlaken hotels. There are close to fifty restaurants to choose from, serving a variety of different types of cuisine. But for an authentic Swiss vacation you will want to be sure to try some of the local flavors. You will also want to really take a look around Interlaken before choosing the establishments you dine in, because some of them have a particularly Swiss atmosphere. The Interlaken hotels that you have to choose from during your stay in Switzerland, if you pick the right one, will give you the authentic feel you are looking for. And the town of Interlaken will make you feel like you never left home, and when you are there you may just feel like you never want to leave.