Skiing is no doubt the number one reason for travelers to visit Interlaken Switzerland, but you can’t ski your entire time there. And even if you could, if you did you would be missing out on everything else that Interlaken has to offer. This wonderful little village is characterized by its breathtaking views of the Swiss Alps (particularly the Jungfrau mountain range), its proximity to a number of beautiful rivers and lakes (at which visitors can enjoy a wide variety of water sports), and the quaint little village atmosphere (that consumes visitors and draws them into the culture). With so much to explore, it is no wonder that thousands of travelers end up in Interlaken throughout the year. And while sitting back and taking in the sights of nature is surely an activity that everyone enjoys in Interlaken, visitors have to spend some time getting out there enjoying it as well, because another thing that this great village in Switzerland is known for is its offerings in the way of adventure sports. Many of the attractions here have to do with nature and adventure sports, so these are something that you will have to add to your to-do list. Between enjoying nature, adventure sports, and other activities you can plan on having a pretty busy itinerary when you visit Interlaken. In fact, you may even have to pick and choose between certain attractions on your itinerary, so it is wise to know ahead of time which attractions are an absolute must, as there are a few in particular that are definitely must-sees.

Outdoor Attractions –

  • Jungfrau – The Jungfrau mountain summit is the main attraction that visitors to Interlaken go to see, for sure, as it is definitely a magnificent sight to see. The magnificent mountain peak is snow covered for most of the year so it really stands out and creates a breathtaking backdrop for the towns that surround it, including Interlaken. Visitors to the village cannot leave without taking some time to enjoy the sight of the Jungfrau mountain peak.
  • Harder Kulm – Harder Kulm is another mountain worth seeing, only this is one that you want to see from the top rather than the valleys below. In fact, Harder Kulm is a great place from which to view Jungfrau, and the rest of the mountain around it as well, particularly the Mönch and the Eiger Mountains. The view of Lake Brienz and Lake Thun is spectacular from Harder Kulm Mountain as well. But the biggest attraction on Harder Kulm is the Two Lake Bridge that reaches well out into the mountains, that visitors can walk out on to get a completely different view to see.
  • Seilpark – This is definitely one of the coolest attractions in Interlaken Switzerland and is not only suitable for the outdoor attraction category but for the family-friendly category as well. The park, which is contained within a forest, consists of zip lines, wooden bridges, and swings that take you through the forest, an adventure that lasts nearly three hours from beginning to end. This is truly an attraction you, and your family or friends will love.
  • Alpine Garden – Alpine Garden is a botanical garden in the Swiss Alps, but not like any botanical garden you are likely to have seen before. The environmental conditions of the area vary significantly from one small area to the next, which results in wide plant variety. The more than 600 species of flora that live atop the fantastic site that is the Alpine Garden tandem plate botanical garden is an amazing site to see. Of course you will have to visit during the summer months to see it in all its glory, but it’s worth visiting during this season for this specific reason.

Family Friendly –

  • The Höheweg – Some people might not think that something as simple as an avenue running through town is an attraction worth seeing, but those people must not have ever been to Interlaken. Höheweg Avenue is a splendid place to spend some time during your stay in the small ski village, with plenty of little shops to visit, quaint little restaurants at which to try some of the local foods, and a few other things to do. And the avenue has a wonderful view of the Jungfrau, a must-see attraction on your Interlaken tour.
  • The Tourist Museum – Although a considerably small museum, even with three floors, the Tourist Museum is a great little museum to visit if you want to learn about Interlaken tourism. The museum displays cover 200 years of Interlaken tourism history, showing how the region was developed and what attractions started the era of tourism in the small Swiss village. This is a great place to while away an hour or two when you are not skiing.
  • Jungfrau/Mystery Park – This is a must-see attraction for travelers travelling with children, but adults will love the Jungfrau Mystery Park too. There are so many exciting things to do here that there is surely an entire day’s worth of fun. There is a park that has a small water feature for the little ones, there is a bungee trampoline for the older children, and there are mysteries to explore for both young and old. For some true childlike fun during your stay in Interlaken the Jungfrau Mystery Park is the place go.

To be sure, Interlaken Switzerland is a small town with the main tourist focus being the mountains. But just because the mountains are the reason that most people come here doesn’t mean that the mountains are all they get to enjoy when they get here. There is plenty of time for other types of fun, and plenty of things to occupy your time. Between skiing and participating in other outdoor activities, eating at all of the great dining establishments, and seeing all the attractions there are to see you, will have a fun filled vacation, as well as lasting memories.