Dining Amidst Interlaken’s Fabulous Scenery

One of the most exciting things for many travelers when they get to a foreign city is trying to decide at which restaurants they will eat. While many people may look out for international cuisine, there is another group of people that look forward to trying the local cuisine. And in Interlaken Switzerland there is a little bit of everything. The wonderful village is full of personality, and so are the restaurants where you can eat, and in total you get to choose from more than fifty. Whether you are looking for Italian, Thai, Mexican, Indian, or Swiss cuisine there is something for you in Interlaken. As with anywhere there are a few restaurants specifically where people particularly enjoy eating, and these should be included in you Interlaken food journey.

International Restaurants – You have no way of knowing when you get to an international town or city what the food will be like or how much you will like it, so it is important for tourist destinations to offer a wide variety of dining options. And it just so happens that there are a number of restaurants serving international cuisine in Interlaken, which means visitors here will not be stuck eating Swiss specialties all week, even though there are plenty enough great dishes to try in order to get you through your vacation in its entirety. But for those that do want to change it up a bit during their vacation there are restaurants for just about every major international cuisine. In fact, the variety for such a small town is actually quite surprising.


  • La Tarantella – Lovers of Italian food will be surprised at just how good the Italian food is that they can get while they are visiting Interlaken, and La Tarantella is one of the wonderful Italian restaurants that you have to choose from. The restaurant has typical Italian fare, including pizza. The great thing about La Tarantella, though, is the wide variety of Italian dishes that you have to choose from. Add to that the fact that this is one of the least expensive Italian restaurants in Interlaken and you may have just found your Italian restaurant to eat at during your visit.
  • Citta Vecchia – The authentic Italian dishes that you will get at Citta Vecchia are not just sustenance for your appetite but an experience for your taste buds. The restaurant is known for its wonderful variety, and many of the dishes are Italian in nature but use many local ingredients, such as fish and meats like as lamb and sole. For Italian lovers Citta Vecchia is a must try, even if the dishes are a bit on the expensive side.


  • Café de Paris – Although there are only a couple of French restaurants in Interlaken, those that seek out this type of cuisine will likely be fairly happy with the offerings. In particular, the setting of Café de Paris is enjoyable, as restaurant visitors have the opportunity to eat outdoors on a terrace, an atmosphere that in itself makes you feel like you are in the lovely French city. Although Café de Paris is a bit lower in cost, though, it is important to consider the size of the servings. As with much of French cuisine they tend to be on the smaller side, but well worth a try.
  • Brasserie 17 – Although Brasserie 17 is a restaurant most known for chicken wings and ribs there are a few unique offerings here as well, and a great atmosphere. The restaurant also has a bar, as well as outdoor terrace seating. Brasserie is considered to be a French restaurant but the menu is not very extensive. If you are definitely looking for a French meal, though, your best option is by far the Vegetable Quiche, a dish that alone makes Brasserie 17 worth visiting.


  • El Azteca – Pickings are slim for those looking for something in the way of Mexican, but the one option available is a restaurant that tourists and locals rave about. El Azteca serves up real Mexican dishes, rather than those that are only partially Mexican. And although the prices are a bit steep, especially considering the usual prices of Mexican food, the dishes are delicious and well worth it. Add to the good food the fact that you also get to enjoy live music and you can see why this is an excellent choice if you are looking for something not so local.

Swiss Cuisine – It goes without saying that when you are visiting Switzerland you have to pick at least one day to try the local cuisine, which is most often classified as European. There are two things in particular though that you will see often, and that define Swiss cuisine. Those two things are chocolate and, of course, cheese. If either of those are ingredients that tempt your taste buds then you definitely have to try Swiss cuisine, and there are a few restaurants in particular at which you will get a truly authentic experience.

  • Bebbis Restaurant – Bebbis is not just a restaurant to eat at but a restaurant to experience, as the atmosphere alone is enough reason to go there. There are plenty of great dishes to choose from but a must try is one of the fondues, or if you have a big enough appetite all of the fondues. There is the cheese fondue, a meat fondue, and chocolate fondue and all of them are a terrific way to experience Swiss food.
  • Des Alpes – Des Alpes is another wonderful place to get a Swiss meal, especially if you find after trying it that you love fondue, or if you want to try fondue for the first time. The reclette is also very popular at Des Alpes, which is a melted cheese dish, and visitors get all they can eat during their visit to the restaurant. The atmosphere is totally authentic too, which is even more of a reason to visit and try the excellent food.
  • Restaurant Luegibrueggli – For unique Swiss dishes Restaurant Luegibrueggli is an excellent choice, as the dishes are not only unique but presented beautifully as well. Visitors to the restaurant have the option of dining outside high above the towns with a beautiful view of the surrounding mountains. If you do decide to go here one of the best dishes to try is the Ravioli w/ Zucchini and Mushrooms.

There are numerous great restaurants to choose from in Interlaken, regardless of the type of cuisine you are in the mood for. Be sure to experience a wide variety of flavors during your Interlaken food journey.