Natural Interlaken – Nature Worth Seeing

When you spend your vacation in Switzerland in the wonderful little village of Interlaken you will no doubt be surrounded by untouched natural beauty without ever even leaving the village. The scenery that surrounds you will be unlike any you have ever seen before and plenty to fulfill your expectations of what this beautiful country should be, but you will be even more pleasantly surprised if you allow your journey to take you around Interlaken as well as in the village itself. Interlaken is part of an area called the Bernese Oberland region and in it and Interlaken there is so much breathtaking nature to see. It is impossible to see everything there is to see in the region during you stay in Interlaken, so it is important to have a guide to direct you to the best natural sights to see throughout the area. Even with the guide you will have to make the difficult decision as to which places you will visit, as when you see how beautiful Interlaken and the Bernese Oberland region are you will want to see all of the natural surroundings that the area has to offer equally. There are a few sights in particular, though, that you will almost definitely add to your list.

Interlaken Lakes – One of the most breathtaking natural attractions to see in Interlaken Switzerland are the two lakes that are in the small town. Lake Thun and Lake Brienz are spectacular “Alpine” lakes (meaning that they lie within the Swiss Alps), that have many natural characteristics to be enjoyed. First and foremost, there are areas at which visitors can take a dip in these wonderfully refreshing lakes, a once in a lifetime experience for sure. But another great way to enjoy Lake Thun and Lake Brienz is by taking a cruise along one, or both, of these Alpine natural wonders. Whether you decide to set a sail or take a ride on a larger vessel, one thing is for sure, and that is that you will definitely be mesmerized by the sights along the way that you will get to enjoy. During any nature journey of Interlaken Switzerland the beautiful lakes nearby must be explored.

St. Beatus Caves – A trip to the St. Beatus Caves is a must on any nature journey through Interlaken as well, surely worth the short trip to get there. The caves are unlike most you have ever seen before, consisting of an extensive network of caves, spanning a considerable distance. Throughout and around the caves the typical cave scenery can be found, along with some that is more unique, such as a massive, spectacular waterfall. The hike through the caves is a bit long but consider this a blessing rather than a downfall. And the constantly changing interior of the St. Beatus Caves provides for a one of a kind experience that will be enjoyed by both young and old. With not enough time during your short stay in Interlaken to see all of the natural beauty that the Swiss Alps village has to offer you must choose wisely what you will take time to see, and the St. Beatus Caves are a terrific option, as they are one of the most beautiful sights you will ever see.

Trümmelbach Waterfalls – Last but not least, you mustn’t miss out on the sight that the Trümmelbach Waterfalls are to see during your stay in Interlaken Switzerland. The glacial waterfalls actually consist of ten individual waterfalls, each a unique sight in and of itself to see, and no other waterfalls like these exist anywhere else in Europe. The nature of the waterfalls are the glacier walls of three of the most famous mountains in Switzerland, the Mönch, the Eiger, and the Jungfrau (the most famous of the three mountains). As a result, the waterfalls are magnificent, rushing towards the bottom and chiseling out the natural wonders that the mountains are along the way. You may have seen waterfalls before, but probably never like this and you may not ever again, so the Trümmelbach Waterfalls should definitely make on your Interlaken nature journey list.

There are many beautiful places in and around the town of Interlaken, so many that seeing them all is somewhat of a far reaching fantasy. Everything in the town is so beautiful that you can hardly make a decision as to which natural wonders would be the most beautiful to see, but you can always make a second trip to Interlaken some time in the future too. Until then, though, you will have to pick and choose and this guide is a great starter point for you. Whatever you do, make sure that you get to enjoy at least some of the natural beauty that the wonderful town of Interlaken Switzerland is.