Romance in Interlaken Switzerland

Interlaken Switzerland is a beautiful little Swiss village with an amazing view of the Swiss Alps and Jungfrau Mountain, and many people visit to participate in winter activities here. What many people do not realize, though, is that Interlaken is a very romantic place to vacation as well. Many couples visit Switzerland, and Interlaken specifically, every year in search of a romantic getaway, and those visitors often end up being pleasantly surprised. With the huge open meadows, the calm and peaceful lakes, and amazing backdrop created by the mountain scenery romance is already in the air, you just have to go to Interlaken and embrace it for all that it is, not a difficult task to be sure. Whether you are planning to visit Interlaken for the activities or specifically for a romantic vacation there are a few things you can do while you are there to enhance the town’s romanticism.

Share a Candlelit Dinner

One of the easiest ways to inspire romance is to enjoy a candle lit dinner with your mate, and in Interlaken there are plenty of restaurants at which you can do this. There are numerous choices when it comes to restaurants with a romantic ambiance, as the view in the town alone adds romance to any meal. One place in particular that offers this kind of atmosphere, though, is Per Bacco. Per Bacco is a little more sophisticated than the more local food establishments, offering a wide variety of wines and a light meal of antipasti. The Italian style restaurant is sure to inspire romance in your night.

Take a Romantic Lake Cruise

There are two beautiful lakes in Interlaken and either one would be ideal for a romantic lake cruise. Lake Thun and Lake Brienz, between them, run through much of the town. And a romantic boat ride along one of these lakes will afford you beautiful views of the lovely little towns, and some wonderful alone time. You will even have the opportunity to sip on a glass of wine as you watch the beautiful Swiss scenery go by. A romantic boat cruise is also a great precursor to that romantic meal that you can have in the village, making for a perfectly romantic night.

Enjoy a Picnic in a Flower Filled Meadow

There are so many beautiful flower filled meadows throughout the town of Interlaken Switzerland that it would be a shame not to utilize them on your romantic getaway. And a picnic in one of those flower filled meadows is the perfect way to do that. Simply grab a loaf of fresh bread in town, some cheese from one of the local shops, maybe a little chocolate, and a bottle of wine and you will have your very own nature restaurant to wine and dine in. What makes this so romantic, though, as that you and your mate can while away the afternoon completely alone.

Curl Up Next to a Fireplace in a Swiss Chalet

There is no better way to enjoy romance in Switzerland that to book a stay at a real Swiss chalet. A Swiss chalet is a type of house commonly seen in Switzerland that is somewhat small and quaint. Curling up next to a fireplace in a Swiss chalet is the epitome of romance, and there are plenty of them in Interlaken to choose from. Whether you plan to stay in a chalet high in the mountains because you want to go hiking or skiing or if you choose such a dwelling because it gets you away from everything, there is definitely the chance for romance during your stay.

There are many things that can inspire romance when you are on vacation with your mate, particularly when you vacation in a place as naturally beautiful as Interlaken Switzerland. All you have to do is simply plan your trip right and there will be endless opportunities for romance each and every night. Some people go to Italy for romance, while others go to France, but the romantic opportunities in Switzerland are just as delightful. And if you plan your trip right you will have so much more, in addition to romance, to enjoy.