Ski Lifts

There are endless activities to participate in when you visit the small village of Interlaken Switzerland, no matter what time of year you end up visiting, but the number one attraction in the quaint little village is by far the Swiss Alps. And the favorite activity of most of the visitors to Interlaken is definitely skiing. Many people are amazed at just how many visitors make the trip to Interlaken every year for this reason, as there are, at most times of the year, more visitors in the town than people who live there. The reason the town gets so many tourists year-round is because visitors can enjoy the number one activity year-round, a treat for avid skiers for sure. And when a small village such as Interlaken brings in so many tourists you can bet there will be plenty of places at which to begin your Swiss Alps skiing journey, but you have to know where they are. There are a few ski lifts in particular that service the Interlaken area that visitors tend to use frequently, for a number of reasons, namely the fact that purchasing a lift ticket at one of these places will usually allow you to get on and off at a number of different lift areas. Two specifically are within in considerably close proximity to Interlaken.

  • Grindelwald – Grindelwald is the ski lift area near Interlaken that has one of the highest capacities for skiers, with the ability to lift more than 40,000 skiers every hour. In addition to having a high lifting capacity, though, the other interesting thing about Grindelwald is the fact that there are a number of different types of lift systems to choose from, depending on what kind of view you would like, which part of the mountain you are headed to, and how fast you want your lift to be. Skiers can choose between funiculars, cable cars, magic carpets, surface lifts, and gondolas. With so many choices the lift ride when you stay in Interlaken will be an adventure alone.
  • Lauterbrunnen – Skiers who purchase a Lauterbrunnen lift pass will have the opportunity to ski to Interlaken as well. This is another one of the larger ski lifts in the area, although much smaller than Grindelwald, with the capacity to lift more than 9,000 skiers every hour. Here there are not as many choices in the types of ski lifts skiers get to ride, as this is a newer ski lift with a more uniform system than Grindelwald. But the view heading up the mountain on the Lauterbrunnen lift is just as beautiful, and the skiing on the way down is just a wonderful. The Lauterbrunnen lift system consists of 15 individual lifts, giving skiers plenty of options while they are on the mountain.

Choosing a ski lift at which to begin and end your Interlaken ski adventure may not seem like a big decision, but if you are to see the best of the sights the area has to see then it is a bigger decision than it seems. These are two great places to start your journey.

Ski Lift Waldegg - Hohwald
Ski Lift Wengen - Mannlichen
Ski Lift Beatenberg - Boden
Luftseilbahn Isenfluh Sulwald
Wengen LWM